Who/What is D9 Development?
D9 Development is a company founded and managed by Bernie Butler who has been developing properties in 10 Southern States for 3 decades. The last 15 has been focused mostly on Historic Downtown Franklin with significant projects like The Brownstones at 1st & Church, the 131 Third Avenue North Office Building, 231 Public Square ( the redevelopment of the old First Tn Bank Building on the Square ), 415 Boyd Mill and other special projects around Franklin. Bernie works on only one great project at a time to make sure that not only makes a statement architecturally but becomes a fixture and something enjoyed by generations to come.
What about parking?
The Arlington will have a secure, conditioned, underground parking garage. Each condo unit comes with two parking spaces with the option to purchase one extra space for $25,000.
What about guest parking?
Obviously if you buy the extra space, one guest could park in the garage. Any other guests will have to park on West Main as do any other guests who visit the other homes up and down the street.
How do I get into my home from the garage?
There will be two secure, high-speed, commercial hydraulic elevators in the garage that will access the lobby leading to your unit.
What is the guest lobby going to look like?
There will be two entry foyers/ guest lobbies which will resemble the grand foyer of a home and not, I repeat, NOT a lobby of a normal commercial condo/high-rise. When you walk in, there will be a beautiful set of stairs that go up to the second floor along with an elevator lobby.
How do my guests get to my unit?
While parking on the street, guests will walk down the sidewalk to your front door if you’re on the first level. If on the second level, the guests will call your home from the security panel at each entry foyer and either walk up the stairs or take the elevator to your home.
What about storage in the garage?
Each unit has the opportunity to purchase one conditioned storage unit in the garage for $25,000.
What makes The Arlington West Main so special?
As a rule, within a few blocks of the Square, the real estate is some of the most expensive in Tennessee. When you couple that with the kind of construction required by the Codes Department, Fire Department, Historic Zoning, and most importantly because we are trying to build to a unique standard for a group of very special people, it makes everything cost more than even a very nice home in a high-end neighborhood. We are building a permanent concrete structure, with masonry walls (brick & limestone) that will be around for hundreds of years and you will be proud to call your Franklin home. Although a significant investment, and the fact that there’s only 10 of them and they’re completely unique to Downtown Franklin, they absolutely will be worth more later because of their location.
How much is the deposit?
All deposits are non-refundable and will be held in escrow with the Title Company until the closing of your home: 25% of purchase price at contract execution. Then, 25% of purchase price when dry-in is complete and ready for finish out.
As a condo owner, what maintenance am I responsible for?
As an owner, you will be responsible for all of the inside maintenance of your home (including the porches). The only exception to that is your HVAC system, which includes the heating component of the system, which is in your unit. Everything else that is covered outside your specific unit will be the responsibility of the HOA.
What does the HOA take care of?
The HOA takes care of management fees, insurance on the main building, the grounds, and everything outside your unit including: the maintenance and replacement of all the mechanical units, the roof, the maintenance of the landscaped grounds, the parking garage, the elevators and entry lobbies, the outside elevations, the outside of the windows, and security system.
Does the HOA fee include my utilities?
No, each unit will pay their own utility bills as each unit is separately metered.
What are the anticipated HOA fees?
As with most residential condominiums that are responsible for everything outside your unit, including the complete HVAC systems, the standard cost for that is set at 0.42 per unit square foot, per month. On a 2,300 square foot unit, the HOA bill would be $966 per month and on a 3,600 square foot unit the HOA fees would be $1,512 per month. We will use that number for year one while we adjust the HOA budget o include only the costs to maintain these luxury homes and environment and to meet the owner’s day-to-day expectations.
Who will manage the HOA going forward?
Bernie Butler will personally manage the HOA for the first 5 years and then after assuming the HOA Board desires D9 Development to continue. It has been our experience with the Brownstones that since Bernie is personally connected to all of the residents and is emotionally attached to all his developments that it helps for him to stay involved to make sure things remain in perfect condition.
When will you get started and when can I expect to get into my unit?
The site work construction has begun! You can expect a January of 2021 timeframe to move into your new home.
Can I change my floor plan?
Every unit can be tweaked a little and we have built in 5 hours of time with our Architects to help you get it like you want it. But that “tweaking” has to be on small things because we are designing around structural columns and codes issues about means of egress pertaining to the way you have to move in and out of the unit. But yes, you can tweak your space to make it feel like the custom home it will be.
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